Custormers Comes FirstService your doors regularlyRoller Shutter Doors & Automations

Custormers Comes First

DENOMA TRADING is managed by individuals with many years' experience in the industry, people who care about your problems and are committed to solving them. We are not perfect, like everyone we do make mistakes, but we are available and accountable and our products and services come fully guaranteed. We want to put our customers where they belong - FIRST.

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Service your doors regularly

The reason why we believe in Doors to be serviced every (3) THREE MONTHS IS Doors cannot operate for ever without maintenance. All moving parts on doors needs to be maintained (like bearings and chains)

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Roller Shutter Doors & Automations

Denoma Trading will supply, repair, install and do maintenance on all types of Roller Shutter Doors, Vertical Slider Doors, and Automations. We cater for the Mining, Industrial, Agriculture and domestic sectors.

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Repairs, Maintenance & Services on Trolleys

We offer a complete and comprehensive service, maintenance and repair facility to all our customers. This service can either be on or off site at your convenience. We are 24/7 hours available 365 Days a year.

We Specialise in Reconditioning of Trolleys

Common repairs to trolleys usually involve replacement of broken wheels, re-welding baskets and fitting new spring, pistons and braking mechanisms to the equipment.

We maintenance, repair, clean and replace ball races and tyres. Frequently wheel grease hardens and wheels and ball races become clogged with dust, fibre and grit making trolley tracking difficult. Often we replace unsatisfactory wheels with more appropriate ones, or alter the configuration to give better tracking.

  • We Repair or Replace Broken Castors/Wheels, Weld & Modify.
  • Repair, weld-up and replace spares on trolleys
  • We Fit Heavy Duty Bearings for Broken Trolley Wheels
  • Supply & Fit Pneumatic Tyres for Trolleys
  • Repair Punctures & Fit New Tubes

Our workmanship is of high quality but if in the unlikely event you are not happy with our work, we will be happy to rectify the job

We provide the additional benefits of an Annual Service Contract that provide regular pre-emptive maintenance 2 to 4 times per year. All equipment under a maintenance agreement will be logged on our database and a complete record of work carried out will be available to customers at any time.

No travelling charges