Custormers Comes FirstService your doors regularlyRoller Shutter Doors & Automations

Custormers Comes First

DENOMA TRADING is managed by individuals with many years' experience in the industry, people who care about your problems and are committed to solving them. We are not perfect, like everyone we do make mistakes, but we are available and accountable and our products and services come fully guaranteed. We want to put our customers where they belong - FIRST.

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Service your doors regularly

The reason why we believe in Doors to be serviced every (3) THREE MONTHS IS Doors cannot operate for ever without maintenance. All moving parts on doors needs to be maintained (like bearings and chains)

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Roller Shutter Doors & Automations

Denoma Trading will supply, repair, install and do maintenance on all types of Roller Shutter Doors, Vertical Slider Doors, and Automations. We cater for the Mining, Industrial, Agriculture and domestic sectors.

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Contact Us

Address : Denoma Trading CC
P.O. Box 21757
Phone: +27 35 797 3927  
fax: +27 86 547 0178  
after hours: +27 84 405 7945   
Cell: +27 84 405 7945